Import conflict handling

I have searched the forum but can’t find the answer to this question.
When importing a csv file from another service (e.g. lastpass), how does passbolt handle duplicate entries?

What are the entries duplicated on in your CSV? I’m guessing name but don’t want to assume here


It’s username and URL.

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For username and URL there shouldn’t be any issue. We create based on name as in the entry name. For example on our import guide the format and example for lastpass is


Importing this will result in:

So the username is the same for both entries along with the URI and the name is the unique field

I tried it and it created duplicates.

Could you show what you mean by that? Maybe a screenshot where you blur some of the info out

It created duplicate entries.
e.g instead of updating an existing entry for a google mail account, it created a new entry so i now have 2 entries for that account. I had to manually delete the old one.
Usually an import asks how you want to treat dups - keep existing, overwrite, or keep both.

Ah ok, I misunderstood where the duplicates were. I thought you had duplicates in the CSV itself not a case where you had some already in passbolt and were importing them. In which case passbolt assumes you want to import everything, particularly as you can have the same account name, url, password, etc stored in different folders.

Some MSPs that use passbolt have that where they will have a customer folder and within each they might have a password which is a duplicate to other ones in their account

ok, so I need to write a script to compare a passbolt export with my intended import and adjust it accordingly.