Improve wording for new users

I originally posted because as a new user, I got lost with what I was supposed to do.
I finally figured out the problems with wording.
Another user suggested I repost it into this topic area.

Hello @ppbrown ! I read your idea and I agree with that improvement, helping users to understand Passbolt in an easy way.
Maybe you can follow the feature requests template in order to make it easier for developers to know what are you suggesting and provide all the information you suggest here.
Thank you!

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Seriously? thats the primary feedback I get?
To follow a template, that in this case adds zero value, because its an obvious “this is broken and needs to be fixed for everyone” issue?

in the interest of “ease of evaluation”, I will cutnpaste the core items from my original thread here.
If i’m going to spend any more time on it, I may as well just write a PR. but I dont want to spend the additional time.
Here’s the copy.

From a user perspective, a few things need to happen to make this a more pleasant user experience

  1. Be consistent about wording. If its “my private PGP key”, then SAY that. dont call it “my account recovery key”
  2. Mention at that download time, “you WILL be using this a lot, not just to ‘recover your account’, but any time you log in from a new browser”
  3. In the whole “check your email” thing. also be consistent about wording. Dont say it is “account verification” in one place, but “account recovery” in a different place!
    Call it “new browser verification” or something, consistently?

We get it you’re frustrated, but you’ll get better results if you’re nice to people. Everyone here is trying their best to triage and fix issues. There is a template to make sure there is a minimum level of info to evaluate priority. The better the problem is defined (is it one problem? is it multiple problems we can split?) the better we can devise solutions (do you have preferered solution? did you think of multiple solutions?).

The account recovery / setting up on a new device flow are intertwined. We don’t always now why people are setting up the extension. Did they loose their passphrase, did they loose their private key, did they uninstall / reinstall the extension, are they setting up a new profile next to an existing one, etc. There was a lot of care taken to make sure the flow and vocabulary is understandable by everyone (for example our tests shows people understand better “recovery kit” than “OpenPGP key”).

That being said, there is obviously room for improvements, we’ll have a look at your three points with @Vivien next week.