Incorrect email notification (user role)

I (admin) have deleted two regular users (not admins) yet the email notification says both users were administrators.

you deleted administrator

The administrator (full name) (email) is now deleted from the passbolt organisation. Feel free to get in touch with the administrator at the origin of the operation if you feel this action looks suspicious.

Running server/client version 4.4.0 Zombie

Hi @sneaker-net ,

thank you for your report. Indeed this information is not correct. We will correct this asap.


Hi @sneaker-net ,

for your information, this has been released in the lastest v4.4.1 release.

Thanks again for spotting and reporting this!

Hi @pabloelcolombiano I have noticed another similar email notification typo when revoking a users admin role.

(admin user) changed role of (another admin user) to admin. (another admin user) can no longer perform administration tasks.

Hi @sneaker-net ,

thank you for spoting this! A typo-fix will be applied in the next release.