Installation from source on my Synology NAS: trouble with step 6 (install the dependencies)

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to install passbolt via the API from source into my Synology NAS. I am really a beginner so it’s hard to follow each step for me, but so far I made it till step 6 ^^
However, when I try to install dependencies (after having installed composer.phar in the same directory as the composer.lock and composer.json files), I get the following errors/problems:

So I follow the instructions to update composer, that tells me I have to create a Github key, which I did successfully, but then I run into another error:

2 questions here:
the webstation version of php does include ext-intl, what is wrong?
the webstation version of php doesn’t propose me gnupg as an extension, is there anything I can do? I did install a .gnupg file earlier in the process, but it is currently not in the passbolt folder, should I bring it back in, or move it to the php folder somewhere?

Sorry if those are basic questions, I’m stuck!

I don’t know how Synology system works to solve that dependency errors.
Normally, on a Debian or Ubuntu, you could try with apt install php-intl php-gnupg.
Do you have something equal to that to install the missing packages?
Also, check /etc/php/php.ini to see if they are enabled in case they are installed for the version you are using (check that you have just one version and if you have more, which are you using to install all at the same one

Hi @Termindiego25 , thanks for your answer!
On Synology, you can access the parameters of php through a webstation app, I am pretty sure my defaut php is php7.4 and the config file is right, because when I change it for example to 8.0 the change is also reflected in the about programs I am using.
On the config file for 7.4, there is a path given for modules, when I ssh into it I find it is empty. Maybe that’s where the issue comes from?
On the other side, in the conf interface, intl is selected so I’m a bit puzzled, will ask the Synology community :slight_smile:


You should follow this tutorial: How to Install Passbolt on Your Synology NAS – Marius Hosting

And use docker instead of the from-sources installation.


Hi @AnatomicJC yes I have tried but for some reason it doesn’t work, I have a blank screen as described in another post on the forum, so I try this version that is easier to follow for me… until I reached this php issue haha.
I’m trying to understand the difference in terms of efficiency between the webstation and docker, but overall I find that software installed directly works just fine so not too keen to have another layer of software on it :slight_smile: