Installation not working as nginx points to standard installation site

I’m at the point where the installation script says:

Installation is almost complete. Please point your browser to
http://[URL] to complete the process

Now I point my browser to http://[IP] and what I see is the " Welcome to nginx!" page. If I try http://[IP]/install it says, URL not available. Guess there’s something wrong with the nginx configuration.

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Please provide more information if you require help with installation issues:

  • provide information about which documentation you followed
  • provide relevant information about the server (component names and versions, etc.)
  • provide a copy of your server logs and healthcheck
  • describe the steps you have taken to install
  • describe the steps you have taken to trouble shoot the problem


I followed this documentation:

Installation log is here:

I’m testing here on Debian 9 vanilla if I can reproduce the issue.

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@knutihe I tried to follow the same installation protocol than you and could get it to work. I suspect that your issue is with the domain name resolution, i.e. it is maybe pointing to the wrong server?

By default, Nginx configuration points to /usr/share/nginx/html/. You will find the page being displayed located here.

In the /etc/nginx directory you’ll find the nginx.conf probably points to this location.

You’ll want to search the forum for configuration file examples that point to /var/www/html.

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