Integrate Passbolt with Perl, C# and Java

In our organization we have a lot of automated tools that use service accounts to access our applications.

Unfortunately our Security organization has decided that the passwords for all service accounts must be changed every 90 days. We have multiple utilities spread across several servers that all need to be manually updated with the new service account password every 90 days, which is a lot of work, and is error prone.

I would like to have a central password storage utility, like Passbolt so that I only have to update the password in one location and all of my tools can access it. Would Passbolt be a good solution for this?

Ideally I would have one access token/key for each of my utilities instead of having to setup a different token/key for each server that the utility is installed on.

I have seen some examples of integrating with passbolt using Java Script and Python, and I was wondering if anyone has experience doing this with Perl, C# and Java.

Doug Fisher

the reason we have chosen passbolt for our firm is the API as you can do everything with it. We have not found another product that had an API that would let us do more complicated things.

i have only shortly used C# for prototyping. Now im use Golang as our app runs in Go. But it should be similar for all big languages. If it’s just reading passwords then its relatively simple and you can have it working in a day or so via the rest API (as long as you have a good library for OpenPGP as you will have to decode the passwords yourself). Creating And or Sharing passwords is more difficult but also doable.
If you decide to invest some time then you can find the API documentation here

  • Sammy