Is it possible to hide Users page?

I’d like to use Passbolt to store and share account passwords with clients. In my testing I created Groups and Folders for each client. When I log in as a client account I can only see that particular clients’ groups and folder. Perfect. However, if I click on the Users page I can see all users in the system. Is there an easy way to hide the user page for non admins (just like the administation tab)?

Hey @rgstech this is a feature that we have available!

If you go to the administration workspace you can see an option for Role-Based Access Control and under that there is an option for “Can see users workspace” so if you set that to deny then the non-admin users won’t be able to see the Users workspace

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Hello @clayton, is it possible that this feature could be a bug?
I tried to deny the users workspace for users and the user is still able to see the Users option in the menu and get into the web page to see the users

@Termindiego25 could you have the user log out and then back in to see if they still can see it?

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@clayton Rock on… tested and works great!

That was, I suppose that was a cache stuff. Now it works.
Thank you!