Is user recovery possible without email access?

really love Passbolt, it’s a great software.
However there’s one thing which bothers me a bit and I am trying to find out if you can turn it off or not.

When you want to recover your account, on a new computer for example, you need your private key AND you need to have access to your email, to click the recovery link.

Because I cannot import my private key if I don’t have access to the link sent via email during the recovery process, right? Now what if I lose access to my email account, my private key is essentially useless, isn’t it?

Following scenario:
Someone steals your laptop, but you have a copy of your private key!
However, you don’t have access to your email, because the password is stored in Passbolt (and you don’t know it by heart)

To gain access you have to click a link sent to your email by Passbolt, during the recovery process.

But you can’t click that link, because you don’t know the password of your email account (since it’s stored in Passbolt).

Question: Is there a way to recover your account, only having access to the private key? No Email.

Hi @vilbe Welcome to the forum!

This is a good question. Even without emails sent, the admin has access to links generated and found in the db. The link could be manually pasted into the browser.