Issue with SSO and Sign in


So I have been battling an issue with SSO feature for a bit now. I am new to Passbolt just got the pro for business but cannot get this piece operational. I have set everything up to a tea as what is shown on Passbolts documentation. Creating app registration and setting up the secret key. I input all the value and go to test.

In Entra in the Passbolt app when I look at the logs I get “success” in the login events. But when it talks back to passbolt I assume it says “The SSO State type is invalid”. Again im new to passbolt and not really sure where or what logs to pull so guidance on that would be great. If someone has experienced this issue and know what might be happening please let me know. Thank You

Hi @rtarson,

Can you confirm you are running the v4.4.1? This version shipped with a fix that should solve your issue.