Join us for the Open Mic Community Call - 24th August 2023 ☎️ 🎉

Hey community members,

:tada: We’re gearing up for an exciting month and guess what? We’re thrilled to announce another community call on the 24th August, 2023 at 6:00pm CET. Yes, you heard that right! :phone: :tada:

Before we unveil the exciting particulars about this call, we’re turning to the passbolt community. We’re curious to hear your thoughts and ideas. :bulb:

  1. Do you have any burning questions you’re itching to ask the passbolt team? It can be anything. Whether it’s silly questions like which beverage does passbolt team members like or its insights into the roadmap for the year ahead, these questions will fuel our conversation during the call. So put those thinking caps on and fire away. :partying_face:
  2. You can also share the floor with us during the call and showcase a project you’re currently working on or share your favourite open source tool. :partying_face:

Comment below and let’s get connected. Information on how to join the call will arrive soon. :information_source:

:star2: Looking forward to our discussions and engagement. :star2:

:heart: Thank you for your support and contribution. :heart:


Hey community members,

As you know we’re hosting another community call this month. :phone::tada:

:spiral_calendar:So mark your calendars for 24th August, 2023 at 6:00pm CET/11:00am CDT. This is your chance to meet the faces behind passbolt. We’ll be answering those burning questions you have. Remember, it can be anything! :question::partying_face:
We’ll also be giving you insights on what’s new with the 4.2 release and share what’s our focus this month. :technologist:

Join us by clicking the link: Jitsi Meet

:video_camera: Watch live on youtube:

Passbolt is a product which is community driven. So if you already have any questions you’d like us to cover during the call, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. :blush:

See you there! :wave:


:tada: Get ready for the upcoming August community call countdown! Just two more days to go. :phone: :tada:

:record_button: Tune in this Thursday 24th August, 2023 at 6:00pm CET/11:00am CDT as we bring to you the freshest updates on the 4.2 release and share our developments throughout this month.

This event is powered by the community, so we’re here to address any questions you have. Leave a comment below on what you’d like us to answer and let’s interact together. :film_projector: :globe_with_meridians:

Click on the link to access the event: :star2:

:video_camera: Or watch live on youtube:

:heart: We’ll see you soon! :heart:

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:star2: Calling out all the community members! :star2:

It’s almost time for the August community call! :phone: :tada:

:clock6: In just 1.5 short hours, we’ll be addressing any burning questions you have. Feel free to drop the questions in the comment section below or join the call.

Come check out what’s new with the 4.2 release and we’ll be sharing what’s in development. :heart_decoration: :globe_with_meridians:

Don’t miss out - simply click on the link to join the call: Jitsi Meet

:video_camera:Or watch live on youtube:

:heart: We’ll see you soon! :heart: