Kubernetes deploy, redirects to passbolt:80

Hi there,
Has anyone seen this issue where passbolt seems to have a configured address that is not configurable by helm chart?

I have my ingress set up and it is accessible, however after the initial connection, I see in the inspector that passbolt is trying to redirect:

Request URL: https://passbolt:80/js/app/stylesheet.js?v=3.4.0

Has anyone seen this before, and if so, what would be a good way to fix it? Is it an envar?

For ref, the helmchart I’m using can be found at artifact io: passbolt 1.1.15 · cnieg/cnieg

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the edit, @remy , but I think this is more of an operating issue than an install issue.
There’s some value somewhere telling the passbolt server it’s hostname is passbolt, and should be configurable.

Looks like it’s:
And would need to be changed.

This can be passed through a helm chart.

Hey @defied welcome to the forum.

This falls under Installation Issues since configuring the URL is one of the install steps.

You seem to have the correct location for what needs to be changed as the APP_FULL_BASE_URL is what is used. It looks like this comes from passbolt.baseUrl in the values file. Should be line 110 based on the github repo for this chart.

The helm chart you are setting up isn’t one we created so some questions we might not be able to help with. We are working on one though. So, if you’d be interested in trying that out we should have an announcement in the coming weeks with that.