Hey all,
I posted this in the subreddit, so apologies for cross posting here. However the subreddit seems pretty empty so I thought it might be better over here.

So I’ll paste it below. It’s kind of funny, given my question below that I created this account and my bitwarden client didn’t even ask to add the login…

I found this solution recently and it piqued my interest. I’ve read the comparisons and while I get the differences on the features but my question is honestly a bit more basic.

I started off using laspass family to manage passwords for my family. It was fine until the breaches that occurred a couple years ago. After that I lost all trust and not only dumped lastpass but also decided I was going to only trust something I had 100% control over.

So I switched to bitwarden, utilizing it hosted myself with vaultwarden.

Overall it has been working fine. However the consistent frustration is that the lastpass apps/extensions were just better. I as well as my wife find bitwardens browser extensions and mobile apps to be clunky and inconsistent. They do a poor job of consistently filling passwords and more so offering to save/update logins.

So how would you all rate the client apps of passbolt? I’m going to spin up a test environment but I have to be careful as my wife is not nearly as tolerant of me changing tech around all the time unless it is going to be better.

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Hello @GoldenPSP and welcome to the forum!
Honestly, I tried Lastpass a bit but didn’t like it and left it to use KeePass, so I can’t compare the apps to give you feedback on the experience.

My experience using the browser extension is pretty good, it works on almost all websites and now you can store TOTP and passwords together. I know from reading this forum that compared to other platforms some features are missing, but the team is working to get them all in (if you need a feature or have an idea, just post a feature request).

As for mobile apps, I find it useful to keep access to my passwords, but I don’t use them much. They work as expected and are consistent with the website’s features.

The best thing you can do is set up an instance and test it on your own because you will be able to see if it fits all your needs.