Log file location in ubuntu

where can I find the log files for the teampass application that is Installed in the ubuntu server?

Searched but couldn’t find, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!!

I think you meant ‘passbolt’ not teampass :slight_smile:
Passbolt logs are under /logs under the directory you installed passbolt in (in /var/www/passbolt/logs most likely).

@remy, yes sorry it’s passbolt. currenlty in process of migrating.

Found the location, thanks.
Does it log every activity that is performed on passbolt? eg: changes made to user account or adding new passwords or deleting etc


This information is not available in the log file. The log file contains mostly error and warnings, like bad requests, invalid requests, application errors, etc.

The user action log is available in the database, under the action_logs table. It gives you a list of all the requests made for each users and their status. Additional information (for example what changes) is used in link tables like permission_history or secret_history.

This information is available to the end user in the “Pro Edition” version, it is displayed on the screen under the “activity” section in the sidebar and soon on more advanced reports. If you use the CE edition you can generate your reports using SQL.

I’ll have a look at the tables now and will go for a pro version if needed thanks @remy :+1:

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