Logging in new account forces account recovery

New to passbolt, attempting to deploy it in my org, I created the IT account, and created myself an account, issue I have is that when I log out of IT account, select “switch to another account”, and enter my email address to log into mine, it automatically emails me an account recovery, and doesn’t even prompt me to enter my password for the other account.

Same issue happens when I try logging in from an incognito window, I enter my email address, and it immediately tries to go into account recovery, instead of just logging me in as normal.



The extension only supports one account at a time. Currently the only way to switch account is through the recovery procedure. See the existing feature request. As a user I can configure passbolt browser extension to work with multiple passbolt instances

One workaround currently is to use different browser user profile.

noted; multi account features would be nice as an IT administrator who needs to be able to use my administrative IT account and my standard IT account.

Seconding the suggestion about multiple browser profiles. Chrome makes this really easy, or you could use Chrome for standard account, Firefox for administrative account, etc.