Login on a different browser starts account recovery?

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m either doing something wrong or I found a bug?
I tried to open my (self-hosted) passbolt on a different browser and I couldn’t log in because it started an account recovery instead?
I copied the URL to the login page in my current browser (brave) and pasted it into the new browser (chrome) (both have the addon installed), but it loaded a different page:
After I put in my mailaddress, I recieved an email for account recovery

Do I really have to use account recovery if I want to switch browsers? If yes, why is that a thing?
(This situation also occurs if I select “switch accounts” on the login page in my current browser)
→ shouldn’t it be possible to login as a different user, or just login from a different browser without account recovery?
Does anyone know, why this happens and/or how I can fix it?

Hi @lbusse

This is normal, and registering the browser extension is needed before that particular browser can access your passbolt site. Once that is done, Account Recovery for that browser is not needed again for that user unless you uninstall the extension.

A large part of the security model of passbolt, as well as the pages you end up seeing, occur in the extension itself.

Also, yes, the account recovery process is needed for switching users while using the same extension. There are workarounds to this, but not within the extension itself. For example, using more than one kind of browser, or using more than one installation of a browser. But without Account Recovery, being able to simply login with one extension to more than one user account is not an option at the moment.

Hope this helps!


Hi @garrett

thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
it does make sense as a security feature, even though it is a bit… unpractical

you said that I had to register the browser extension to login without account recovery → how do I do that? is there an option somewhere in my current browser extension/the UI or do I have to look somewhere else?


Ref: Passbolt Help | How to recover an account?

You can follow this procedure if you are meeting the following requirements:

  • You are in possession of an active account;
  • You are in possession of your recovery kit, it contains a copy of the private key associated to your account;
  • You remember your passphrase.

(if you dont have it, you can download a copy of your private key from your current configured browser, click on your name on the top right and go to your profile > key inspector)


Step 1. In order to recover you will need to go to your domain URL and add /recover at the end of the url, for example https://yourpassbolt.com/recover. Step 2. Complete the form by providing your email address.

Step 3. Follow the link in your mailbox.

Step 4. Follow the recovery steps, which is much like the initial setup. You will need to import your private key.

Step 5. Enter your passphrase to login!



so I do have to use account recovery if I want to change my browser?
there is no way to switch browsers without it?

Yes you need to re-configure your account every time you switch laptop or browser profile (since you need to configure the extension for every environment). You only need to do it once per browser profile. See. Why does passbolt require an extension? | by passbolt | passbolt for more information on how passbolt works.


alright :slight_smile:
then I’ll do that. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: