Login through Quick Access works after renewed server's gpg key

After renewing the expired server’s gpg key I couldn’t login through the web.

I’ve read that it was related to the extension and that I had to recover my account.

BUT If I use the “quick access” I can effectively log in!!!

Would it be possible to be able to login also through the web without having to recover the account?


Hi @iaf welcome to the forum!
What versions are you using?

Lower right corner of served passbolt page, hover over heart icon:


The version is 2.12.0 for both server and extension.


Hello iaf,
i have also a problem with an expired gpg key.
Can you tell me how to renew them?


You will have to renew your gpg key.

It would be something like this:

# Get the key id
gpg --homedir /path_to_passbolt_gpg_config --list-keys

# key-id from the previous step
gpg --homedir /path_to_passbolt_gpg_config --edit-key key-id
# Renew key
> expire
# a year, for example
> 365
# Select subkey
> key 1
> expire
> 365

Sorry if this is not completely accurate. I don’t have the commands in front of me right now.

But maybe this can guide you.

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