Long username trimmed when saved

I have a username which is over 64 characters and the username is trimmed when saved in Passbolt, is there any way to allow a long username which is more than 64 characters?

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Hi @kyxyes

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The database field for username is varchar(255) so this would not be a reason you are experiencing a limit of 64 characters. I just added a user from within an active install and the user was given an <80-character>@<mydomain.com> email address and it accepted it okay.

At which point in the process are you when creating a user? During setup? Web interface? What other details can you provide?

@garrett Hi Thanks for your replying
Sorry I didn’t make it clear
I was trying to create a new resource with username on the Passbolt UI site. When I filled the username if it is more that 64 it will be trimmed.
Also I found the document here pointing out that the username is Must not exceed 64 characters

So currently I have a username is very long more than 64 characters and it can not be saved completely when I create a new resource.

@kyxyes That username field is indeed varchar(64) in the database. I would need @remy to mention if there is a reason for limit other than the obvious database field restriction.

However, in the meantime, since the username field is not currently encrypted in the db, you could use the description field to save your long username. (The description field is also not encrypted.) The upside is it’s saved where you can find it. The downside is no auto-fill.

@garrett Thanks! I will take your suggestion into my consideration!

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There is no strong reasons why the username is limited to 64 chars apart from trying to keep fields small to allow fast search / indexing in the DB. We could increase it, if more people are interested.

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