Managing passbolt logging in the database

Hello Everyone,

I have a dockerized passbolt installation running, version is 3.12.2-1-ce. I am experiencing an issue where the action_logs, action_logs_healthcheck and email_queue tables grow out of control to many gigabytes in size and become hard to manage.

As I understand as of version 3.12 it is possible to add an env var to get passbolt to log to syslog or to file instead: New Release: v3.12.0 ~ Introspective - #3 by oidc_user and I attempted to do so by adding LOG_ACTION_LOGS_ON_FILE_ENABLED=true to the container definition, however when I run actions in passbolt I can still see that the action logs table is growing. My questions are:

  1. When adding LOG_ACTION_LOGS_ON_FILE_ENABLED or LOG_ACTION_LOGS_ON_SYSLOG_ENABLED to the config does it stop pass-bolt from logging to the database, or does it log both to the database and file/syslog
  2. Does something else need to be done to the dockerized deployment of passbolt to make the above work properly
  3. Does a similar setting exist for the email_queue table? If not should this table periodically be cleared with a TRUNCATE or something similar instead?

Thank you