MFA/2FA enable enforcement

I use the CE version fo Passbolt so this request maybe already available in the PRO version IDK.

But I have noticed that I cannot enforce 2FA on the other employees. They have to go in and initiate it. This should not actually be an option for employees to decide in todays world with 2FA being the acutal norm for that extra layer of protection.

If I am using DUO, which I am, and I need a employee to bypass the 2FA I can log into DUO and set their account to bypass. But they should never have the option opt out of it.

So I request Admin who manage Passbolt should be able to enable (enforce) MFA/2FA on all the employees using Passbolt.


Thanks for taking the time to write a feature request! This is a feature in PRO already though

It’s good to know it’s a Pro feature!


I’ve found that it does not force the user to set MFA.
They can close the popup and continue without MFA.
Could this be updated to force the user?