Minimum Android version


Where could I find the minimum Android version that is required to run the passbolt mobile app? The app is not available for my devices. I think my Android vesion is too low, but I just would like to be sure.

I haven’t found the information anywhere.

Hi @Julrich ,

Which Android version are you running on your phone, and which android device do you have ?

From my knowledge, you need at least Android 10 to run the mobile app.

This requirement is for security reasons, as oldest android versions are not security patched anymore.

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Hi @AnatomicJC. Thank you for your explanation. My phone run under Android 7. 4 years old. Kind of a dinosaur in the smartphone world. Might be a good idea to buy a new one for the new year :slight_smile:


Depending on your phone brand, maybe can you fight programmed obsolescence and setup a more recent Android OS.
As an example, I have an old Oneplus One released in 2014 with Android 4. This phone was well supported by the community and the latest released ROM is Android 11 (LineageOS ROM.)