Missing Parameter in API description

Hallo everyone,

i’m not sure if this is the right place for what i found out, but i think it could help.
i try to write a little script in php. during this steps i found that there is a missing parameter in api calls.

see at this https://help.passbolt.com/api/resources/read-index
there is at least one missing parameter.


but i don’t know if there is maybe some more missing parameters.

i don’t know if this is intention or if it is just forgotten.
if this is just forgotten i can create pullrequest to add this parameter!

Hello @dimmu311

Yes that’s correct the filters are missing:

  • is-favorite: bool
  • is-shared-with-group: a group uuid
  • is-owned-by-me: bool
  • is-shared-with-me: bool
  • has-id: a resource id

If you can open a pull request that would be very helpful!

ok, pull request is done.
i think this can be closed.