Moving passwords between directories


I did a migration from my keepass. It is almost 2000 passwords. The process of migration is quite clever and it even keep directory structure :slight_smile:
Anyway now I have all my old keepass in one passblt directory ( with plenty of subdirectories). Now I need to prepare new structure of directories and move all password into them. It is easy to move whole directory in the tree but what I expect is to move group of passwords ( for example filtered set ) from different directories to another (new)directory. Is it possible ? How to do it ?

Hi @krzys128 You should be to create a new folder first, then find the passwords you want to move and select them, then drag them to the new folder.

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sure ! drag and drop is working also for sets of password :slight_smile:

thank you

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Is possible to have a password in more than one folder?