Not receiving any e-mail after new account has been setup

I have setup a new account and after setting up the account I am trying to log back to the server.

I can’t receive my credentials by e-mail, this does not work !!!

But when I input my e-mail in this field and accept the contract, nothing is sent back by e-mail.
I have verified all e-mail settings and they are ok, test is received ok!

Use this document to check e-mail: Passbolt Help | Why are my emails not being sent?

Have done all steps and everything is “ok” !

So what am I supposed to do ???

Hi @gregober Welcome to the forum!

(I changed your title and moved it to the Installation Issues section… if it’s not impossible, we can probably help. :slightly_smiling_face:)

If your test email is received this is a very good thing to hear.

It would help if you shared the following:

  • OS flavor of install
  • healthcheck report

Thanks! This way we can confirm what we would like to know is fine, and can better advise on next steps.

Install is on Debian

How can i get the report you are asking for ?

Please note that this is not an install issue.
Server is deployed since a long time.

I had another thread, describing my main problem. But it was too subversive and deleted by moderator.

I am that moderator. I am also a volunteer so if I am getting paid anything by the community, it’s respect. That’s what we offer to each other, so let’s clear that up.

Pro side support gets you access to the team that develops and supports the app. The forum is not a place to vent and complain, it’s a place to help.

If you are seeking help here in the forum instead of the Pro support service, I expect to be able to ask you to help as well.

Is that something you are willing to consider?

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