On-premises management meaning


On-premises management - What does it mean to users?

HI @aotlowski,

On-premises software (abbreviated to on-prem) is installed and runs on computers on the premises of the person or organization, rather than at a remote facility such as Passbolt Cloud (also referred to software as a service or SaaS).

The impact for the end-user is mostly how does the URL look like. For the administrator it is obviously more work as they need to install and update the software themselves.


Thank You for reply. I understand on premise idea, but i mean the " On-premises management" function. On pricing page you can see that it comes only in Enterprise Edition.

Hi @aotlowski,

In the context of the Enterprise pricing it means that passbolt team will take care of managing your instance that is installed on-premise, e.g as passbolt is provided as a “managed service”. Based on your requirements, passbolt can perform the maintenance such as updates, backups, etc.


Thank You for answer @remy .

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