Passbolt Browser Extension Manifest V3 available on Beta Testing Channel - HELP NEEDED! 🎉

Hello, Passbolt Community!

As mentioned earlier, we’re on the brink of transitioning our Passbolt Browser Extension, moving to the Manifest V3. While we prepare for this change, we need your engagement. The passbolt beta browser extension is available for you to test, and we’re eager to hear about your experiences —be it an odd behavior :rotating_light:, pesky bugs :bug:, or just a thumbs-up :+1:!

Your feedback will help us gather better insights, before we roll out the stable release soon.

Timeline overview

  • Apr 30, 2024: Latest chrome MV2
  • Apr 30, 2024: Nightly Launch with v4.7.0
  • May 6, 2024: Beta pre Launch v4.7.1
  • May 7, 2024: Rollback drift to MV2 with v4.7.2
  • May 8, 2024: Attempt to push a MV2 manually v4.7.3
  • May 8, 2024: MV2 fixing update issues with v4.7.4
  • May 8, 2024: Beta launch with v4.7.5
  • May 16, 2024: Production Version Launch v4.8.0 first attempt
  • May 21, 2024: Production Version Launch v4.8.0 second attempt

:date: Deadline for testing: 16. May. 2024

How to Switch to the Passbolt Beta Browser Extension?

Here’s a quick guide on how to install the Manifest V3 beta:

1. Export Your Private Key:

  • Head to your Passbolt account and export your private key.
  • Remember to log out from your account once done.

2. Prepare Your Browser:

  • Go to ‘chrome://extensions/’
  • Enable Developer Mode on the top right.
  • Disable the Passbolt stable version using the toggle.

3. Install the Beta:

4. Set Up the Extension:

  • Navigate back to your Passbolt instance URL (refresh the page if necessary).
  • Enter your email address and initiate an account recovery.

5. Recover Your Account:

  • In your mailbox, click on “start recovery.”

  • Provide the private key exported in the first step.

  • Enter your account passphrase.

6. Complete Setup:

  • Congratulations! You’re now running the Passbolt browser extension on Manifest V3 beta.

Your feedback is invaluable. Each bug you report and each suggestion you make helps improve Passbolt for everyone.
Simply reply to this thread with your observations.

:heart: Thank you for your continued support and contributions. :heart:

Happy Testing! :tada:


thanks for your great job I really appreciate the efforts.
For me the Chrome extension takes a while to connect to my server, with new and old extension versions, not happening with mozilla.