Passbolt Community plans for in 2023


We’re doing some planning for community stuff in 2023, and we’d love to hear from you! We’ve managed to rope in some longtime passbolt friends and open source advocates at We Are Open Co-op to help us! Laura has done some exciting work and prepared a blog post and even a roadmap, which she will share here shortly.

We have many goals for the community, including the ability to engage on more topics than just support. We’d like the forum to contain more than just support requests for installation issues or nagging for an ETA on a feature, even though we know these will still remain hot topics :slight_smile:.

We would love to discuss about practical means for you to get involved on the project, and also just create opportunities to connect and talk with each other about other topics such as security and privacy best practices in general.

Some of you already have ideas, like @garrett reached out to me to introduce some more clarity around roles using badges, some of you already have taken some welcomed personal initiatives, such as @Duffman posting the release notes in the announcements. We’re very grateful and happy to see the community get together and get things done, just like @AnatomicJC with his fancy experiments and extra community-supported packages.

We think it would be beneficial to have this conversation in the open, so more people can join in. So feel free to pitch in and share your thoughts. You are also welcome to ping @laura directly, especially if you want to get more involved!



Thanks remy!

Hi everyone - here’s a post kicking off the work. We’re very open to feedback and ideas, so please do ping me or add stuff to the thread. I’m excited to get to know this community and learn from you all.


Some ideas that have been floated:

  • Badges on the forum
  • Real time chat with office hours, not a 24/7 chat, but some hours where we can live chat to each other
  • Community calls, video conference calls to discuss topics with the team and ask questions, share progress
  • Contributor guide (like admin guide or developer guide, but for community)

Feel free to jump in if you have any ideas to share!


Hi Everyone,

I’m bumping this topic and want to highlight a few things for us as members of the forum.

As @remy and @laura were sharing, there is some vision and strategy work underway regarding a Roadmap for the “Passbolt Community”.

By definition, the Community includes:

  • forum members
  • moderators
  • GitHub contributors on passbolt repos
  • staff and industry friends of the passbolt organization
  • people posting content on YouTube
  • translators on Crowdin
  • …and others

The 2023 Passbolt Community Roadmap is found in the first post of the thread.

The forum will be THE place to centralize the Community and it’s expected to change in the following ways:

  • Content will expand beyond installation help
  • Categories will be added
  • Organization and layout will change to accommodate new features

As a forum community we are being invited to add our thoughts into this thread to start compiling what matters to us. Don’t worry about how to tag or organize your idea - someone on the team will do that for you.

Thank you for taking a moment to consider your best idea and sharing it here!


[User identity]

It is hard to know who is who. There is a moderator/admin badge but no other badges for staff or users who are designated to oversee certain announcements or categories. Founders, developers, etc.

It is possible to create “colors” or associated icons that can be used to help identify these people and I think it would help users (especially newer ones) to be more comfortable with the interaction.

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[Community Join-Ins]

It would be nice to have regular calls that can be joined and also recorded. Other communities do this and the time includes:

  • new features
  • walkthrough demos
  • “how we did it” sharing from actual users
  • “why we did it” which gives insight from a customer standpoint how an organization determined to use passbolt in their ecosystem
  • roadmap clarifications and community feedback

[site ecosystem]

The sites of passbolt are disparate. Some things could be named more clearly. Documentation is currently found on the help site. Help is currently found on the community site.

Many users arrive at the forum from search engines and the help site is on the side and unseen, though the content has gotten WAY better. More users are installing passbolt based on external tutorials and have bypassed the help site altogether.

I’m not really into controlling navigation, but redirecting a brand new visitor past a landing page might help. I’ve been thinking about which sites out there have something like this but most are dealing with the same issue. I like Discourse, but I suspect it was a disruptor in this way and seems to be the poster child for causing multi-site experiences.

Cool new additions to community resources will magnify this unless there is a Fellowship of the Sites.

I’m also recently noticing the forum header navbar doesn’t show in dark mode.


This is a great idea, other Discourse forums of which I’m an administrator have these kinds of badges and it helps community cohesion and interaction greatly :+1:

We could use a Best Practices page with tips for large teams and other use cases.