Passbolt Decypting and Using is very Slow

Hi everyone,

our Passbolt Instance is very Slow Decypting the Passwords are Taking up to 30 Seconds and the Addin in Edge is Loading for about an Minute. Are there any changes that can be made to Increase the Performance?


Can you tell us more about your setup. For example: how did you install passbolt, which version are you running, how many users, how many secrets per users. Do you have any errors in the logs? What kind of machine specs you have (core, ram, disk)?


I installed it with the follwing guide: Passbolt Help | Install Passbolt CE on Debian 12 (Bookworm))
Im Running version 4.4.1
20 Users
ca. 6000 Secrets Shared with the Users
Specs of the VM are 4GB Memory Storage 20 GB 4 cores

Hello @D3n,

Could you provide an obfuscated dump? We made a script in order to create this dump.

Can you send it to:

Thanks :wink:

Also note that v4.4.2 is improving the API performance regarding the resources index entry point. Additional performance issues have been identified on the browser extension and will be tackle within the coming releases.

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ive had the same issue when im using Passbolt in the “Mainbrowser” so im using Chrome for the “Mainusage” and Edge for Passbolt, since then Passbolt is very smooth. Its a workaround, but not a solution :frowning:

We exactly have the same issue and the support assured us, that performance will be adressed in one of the next releases.

4300 secrets
10 users
4 cores
4 GB Memory
SSD Storage (RAID10)

We exactly have the same issue.

Hi everyone,

Same as the other users, “Connecting to your account” and decrypting password is very slow.

It is strange because it is not slow for every request.
Some request get response really fast.

We alreay have done the php FM optimization and the skipped reverse DNS Mysql Tweak.

The machine is :
CPU : 2 Vcore
Ram : 4 Gb

Yours faithfully,