Passbolt - Docker Compose - host SSL

i downloaded the official docker package from github.
To create a container from the Dockerfile in the package, I changed the docker-compose file.
Altough I changed the nginx host file and the docker-compose file to use the mounted host paths of letsencrypt in the container.
For letsencrypt I have to mount the archive and the live folder of letsencrypt, because it’s only a symlink in the live folder. The creation and building works.
But I have the problem with the autogenerated ssl certificate of passbolt itself. In the browser I get not my letsencrypt certificate which is definied in nginx the host file in the container. It used the www.passbolt.local certificate.

My question is, how I can stop this process. I can’t find the root path of the certificate. When I delete the /etc/ssl/cert folder (the folder where you can mount your own ssl certficate default) the certificate is still there.

Thanks for your help…

I found out, by building the container and running the docker-entrypoint file the script override my mapped certificates with the defaults. Thats really strange, because I checked the script and there is an if condition (if there is no file or symlink file) only when this i true, the script should create his own certificate

Was my mistake. I set the wrong folder for the certificate. So the script didn’t find the certificate I want and created his own. No it works.

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