Passbolt Docker Update Path


I’m currently working on updating a Passbolt-CE instance (deployed on AWS ECS) from a 3.3.X version to the latest one (4.6.2). I’m used to software that usually require to multiple upgrades (3.3.x - > 3.4.0 → 3.4.X → 3.5.0 …) when some versions have been skipped.

But I’m not seeing anything similar in the documentation. Does this mean we can go 3.3.X → 4.6.2 directly? Or should we follow a specific documentation I have not spotted yet.

Thanks a lot.

Yes :slight_smile:
At the moment you can upgrade from 1.6.2 → 4.6.2. Soon with v5 it need to be from v2.13.6 minimum. We really want people to update so we try to make it simple.