Passbolt doesn't send invitation mails anymore

Hello there, I tried to add a new member to our Passbolt workspace, but she told me, she doesn’t receive any mail. I checked here profile and there were no mails at all. I tried to create a new member with one of my private mail addresses and the same happened: no mails.
I use Passbolt on a daily basis, so there are no problems for me, but I can’t create new users.

Help, anyone? :smiley:

Hi @max1 and welcome to this community forum :handshake: :hugs:

At first, did you check your spam folder ? Maybe you will find Passbolt email here.

Email sending is handled with a cronjob, another thing you can do is to check if the cron service is running:

sudo systemctl status cron.service

You can also check the cron logs:

sudo journalctl -fu cron.service

Finally, you can also check if mail service is well configured, place yourself in your passbolt root folder (/usr/share/php/passbolt if installed from package else /var/www/passbolt) then launch the send_test_email command:

sudo -H -u www-data bash -c "./bin/cake passbolt send_test_email"

Let us know if it helps you :slight_smile:

Hi, I had the same issue. The send mail proces expects a TLS server for delivery, for internal use I did not have that. Check this thread about the fix I used: Unable to disable TLS - #13 by garrett