Passbolt / Google Summer of Code 2024

Google Summer of Code

Passbolt is intending to apply to Google Summer of Code (GSoC) in 2024! Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global program that offers new contributors over 18 an opportunity to be paid for contributing to an open source project over a three month period.

Who is this for: students that want to get paid to work on open source projects!

How to get started?

Discover passbolt solution and sub projects

Try out passbolt locally or using the cloud version. Check out the passbolt github repositories:

and explore the different components that compose the solution.

Set up your own development environment. Document what you do so you can remember it later, and so you can help others if they get stuck!

Start communicating with the community.

Join the community forum. Get to know the people involved, and ask questions. Read first to see if your question has already been answered or if a feature was requested before. And if you get stuck, don’t be afraid to ask for help here, on the community forum.

Try to fix a bug.

Many passbolt github repositories projects have bugs – do a search to see what comes up. Some of these bugs are easy to fix.

Can’t find a bug? Here are some other ideas: improve test coverage by writing new tests. Improve the documentation. Explore the feature request category of the community forum and try to pick an easy one.

Help others.

We are looking for not just programmers, but good community members who people like to work with. Show your community skills by helping others and make a great impression come selection time!

How to apply?

Prepare a patch

Usually we expect GSoC contributors to fix a bug and have made a pull request (or equivalent). Your code doesn’t have to be accepted and merged, but it does have to be visible to the public and it does have to be your own work.

Write your application

Start a google doc based on this template and share it with the mentors (see bellow). All applications must go through Google’s application system; we can’t accept any application unless it is submitted there.

Use a descriptive title and include passbolt in the name in Google’s system. Good example: “Passbolt: Add new search filters” Bad example: “My gsoc project”

Make it easy for your mentors to give you feedback. If you’re using Google docs, you can enable comments and submit a “draft” to your mentors. If you’re using a format that doesn’t accept comments, make sure your email is on the document and don’t forget to check for feedback!

Submit your application to Google before the deadline. The applications are open between March 18 and April 2. We actually recommend you submit a few days early. Google does not extend this deadline, so it’s best to be prepared early! You can edit your application up until the system closes.

Connect with mentors

The 2024 GSOC / Passbolt Team:

  • @remy (Remy Bertot): focus areas: design, security, backend development, functional and technical specifications.
  • @cedric (Cedric Alfonsi): focus areas: security, front-end development, functional and technical specifications.
  • @Vivien (Vivien Muller): focus areas: design, communication, mobile, documentation.
  • @max (Maxence Zanardo): focus areas: installation / packaging, documentation, mobile, community & support.

The passbolt team can be reached at We also have some passbolt developers and team members present on this forum who will be able to help you!