Passbolt iOS - Resource Secret is Invalid

– Server: Debian 11
– Web server: Apache/2.4.56
– Database: 10.5.19-MariaDB
– Php: PHP version 8.2.7
– Passbolt: Passbolt V4.0.2 CE (clone from source - git) on Server, V1.14.2 on my phone (iOS 16.5)

I’ve been using passbolt for a years, and it’s been doing pretty well on browser extension and my phone (Iphone 8 plus with iOS 16.5), until the last update of passbolt application on my phone.
I cant use it when i try to autofill username and password, it’s gave me error “Resource Secret is Invalid”, and i try to sign out, reinstall the application but still error. Am i doing it wrong or something happened because of the update?
I tried to set the debug to true on the server, but nothing error appear on the log file, only access log with return of 200 OK ({PASSBOLT_DIR}/logs/*.logs})
But the error is only on mobile apps, on browser it still work normally.

Here my screenshot of the errors i got.

This error appear when i try to copy my password, but when copy the other field is success.

And this happened when i try to unhide the password (Nothing Appeared).

Sorry for my RIP English, because i write this without using translate, and i think the best learn method is by doing :slight_smile: , Please be advised.


Thanks @SandyMaull for posting this and Welcome to the forum!

The devs will have a look.


Hey @SandyMaull thanks for the detailed report! This is one that we are aware of, there is an issue specifically on iOS with the case sensitivity of the UUIDs so it shows an error on some secrets for the iOS mobile app. We are hoping to have a fix out soon!


When can you expect a remedy? Currently there is no access to the passwords via iOS. And to always copy the passwords to another device is tedious.

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@SandyMaull and @harpi you two will both be happy to know that we have released a new version of the app which has a fix for this so once you update you should be able to use your phones with passbolt again!