Passbolt now a member of FIDO Alliance

Dear community members,

We are thrilled to announce that passbolt is officially a member of FIDO Alliance. Passbolt will collaborate with other alliance members to create a more user-friendly, interoperable, open and secure authentication standard. With passwordless authentication, users can experience more convenient and seamless logins. :tada:

You can read more about the FIDO Alliance in this blog article Achievement Unlocked: Passbolt joins FIDO Alliance | Passbolt | passbolt

We’d love to hear more from the community. Share your thoughts on passwordless authentication. Do you think passkeys are the future of digital security? Or do you prefer traditional usernames and passwords? Have you tried passwordless authentication earlier? :thinking:
Share your experiences and let’s start a discussion on how we can stay safe online.


This is excellent news! I joined the community two years ago, and Passbolt has evolved a lot since then.
Also, I think that collaboration will help to improve and grow Passbolt a lot.
I’m pretty impatient to see what will be the next surprise!

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Hi @Termindiego25 thank you for your kind words. We do have exciting plans and features in store for the coming months, so stay tune for more updates.

Excellent news :newspaper:

Yes and I like that Passbolt has SSO :blush:

I have not tried SSO. I am not a Google, Microsoft or Facebook fan. I :heart: Passbolt :tada: I really look forward to Passbolt’s SSO development.

If it makes passwords safer, I say the road map is an easy choice.



Hi @Duffman thank you for taking the time to respond to the questions about passwordless authentication. We’re happy to hear you’re enjoying Passbolt’s SSO feature. We’ll keep you updated with our latest developments.