Passbolt on different port

Hi Support,

I am trying to setup passbolt on docker with different port 8080.
As per your intro post, I have changed the 'fullBaseUrl' value in /etc/passbolt/passbolt.php but after that, I got the error “Config file “passbolt.php” did not return an array”.

Please suggest, how to run it on a different port.

Since you are on docker did you change it directly in that file or with the environment variable in the docker compose file?

i have made the changes directly on the file.

You’ll want to make this change to the APP_FULL_BASE_URL environment variable in the docker compose file instead

yes, I have tried that and now I am only getting a blank page.

Could you right click and inspect element and see what the errors are there?

Additionally could you share your docker compose file for this? Just be sure to remove the passwords if you have them in there