Passbolt pro license for test installation

We have a passbolt pro license which is in productive use.
To test our entra connection in a test environment we would need to validate if this could have side effects on our production instance.
Does the license allow for a temporary test instance to evalutate interfaces or features ?
If yes, are there any restrictions or best practices we should be aware of?
In the case where multiple keys are required, could you please provide information on the process for obtaining additional keys?

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As of right now it is technically possible to use that key for testing purposes. You can also reach out to for a temporary testing key to use on another server.

As for best practices it is generally the same for other software, don’t use your production data in test, try to get it as close as possible but different, make sure you are using the same versions for your tests, etc etc

Thanks a lot for the quick answer we are going to contact sales :wave: