Passbolt Pro VM: Changing the default database user password

We started setting up the Passbolt Pro VM and while I’m following the install guide and I see that it says “The appliance comes with a example empty database to quickly test Passbolt Pro. However it is encouraged to change password for this database:”. How am I supposed to change the password that is associated with the database user “passbolt”? I attempted the following:
SET PASSWORD FOR ‘passbolt’ = PASSWORD(‘new_password’);
I received the following error:
ERROR 1044 (42000): Access denied for user ‘passbolt’@‘localhost’ to database ‘mysql’
The documentation doesn’t provide the default password for the root user and I attempted to reset the root user password following external Mariadb guides, but this was unsuccessful as well. I already attempted to move forward with the install once before just using the default DB, user and password, but then I found that there was no easy way update these settings once the install was complete. I have since started from scratch and just need to know how to change this database user password.

Hi Justin,

Sorry to hear you have problems with Passbolt Pro appliance. As you are using Passbolt Pro version, would you mind send us a request through to help you resolve your issue?

Best regards.

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