Passbolt suddenly unable to copy/decrypt passwords, or add/remove members from groups

I have been self-hosting running Passbolt for 2 years in a docker container and it has worked great. All of a sudden this week, Passbolt stopped being able to decrypt any passwords, or add/remove members from groups. I am able to copy logins, see my groups and users, but it appears that something having to do with the decrypting of the passwords has broken. Nothing has changed in my environment and the Passbolt machine has been running fine with no config changes. I’ve looked in the error log and the console logs for the browser but cannot find any hint of what is going on.

Anybody got any ideas of where I should be looking?


Can you tell us which version of passbolt api you are using? Make sure you are using the latest version (v2.12.1).

Also can you give more details about the errors, like what happens when you try to decrypt a password.

Check in the browser console for more information.
How to see browser console (that is different from regular console):

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