Passbolt wikipedia page

Hello, Passbolt Community!

We need your help to make the Passbolt wikipedia page a reality!
We tried multiple times to publish a page but there’s an obvious conflict of interest issue.

There’s currently a draft page under review:

But it may take “2 months or more” to be reviewed and there’s no guarantee it will be accepted.

So how can you help?

  • If you are a wikipedia reviewer or you know one, well you know what you can do!

  • If you wish to add additional content, don’t hesitate to edit the draft, but keep in mind that your content must follow wikipedia’s guidelines.
    With multiple contributors, it will dilute the conflict of interest and improve our chances of getting the page approved.

If you have ideas to improve this page, this is the perfect place to share your thoughts.

Many thanks in advance for your contribution!