Passphrase not working?

I am currently beta testing Passbolt and like it so far however I ran into a problem where my passphrase didn’t work. I had saved it in KeePass but I assumed I must have fat fingered something so I created a new admin account using the CLI and moved on. However just now someone else reported the same issue so I am concerned there might be a problem. I know there is no way to reset a lost passphrase but I am thinking there is bug here that happens sometimes. What can I do to troubleshoot this?

Hello @skione, one way to test the passphrase would be to get the private key backup that you have and try to encrypt/decrypt something with Gnupg or similar tools that supports OpenPGP (like Mailvelope). We’ve never hear of issue with passphrase, beyond user error (keyboard layout changes, caps lock, etc.).

There is a request for doubling the entry of the passphrase (as in “repeat your passphrase”) during setup which we may implement during the redesign of the setup/login this year.

Thanks for the reply. My workflow is pretty solid so when it happened to me I was surprised but again, I assumed I must of done something wrong. The workflow I use for myself is to create an entry in keeppass and then copy the password I generated into the website. The only miss I can make is if I forget to save the db, so I assumed that is what I did. It is only after someone from our helpdesk team reported the same issue that I got concerned. It is certainly possible we both messed up but I run our production support team and he was on our IT help desk team so it isn’t even like we are regular users. However given you have never heard this before gives me more confidence.

@skione How many characters do you typically use for passwords in KeePass? @remy is there a character limit?

It wasn’t clear if you were sharing the Keepass DB and using the same password or different with your colleague. I was thinking truncation might cause the same result.

My colleauge and I were using different passphrases. I only mention Keepass because the work flow is typically fat finger proof. I create a new password there and never even see it and just copy and paste it in the field.

@garrett there is no limit of size for passphrase that I know of.
@skione maybe an extra leading trailing space? or special character (chinese, emoji?).

I mean there is no way to troubleshoot now because in both cases I had to delete the account and create a new. We are in testing so there was no data loss. I was just curious if this is a known issue. It doesn’t appear to be so I think we can close this topic. Thank you.

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