Password Recovery on 2nd Browser Kicks me off the 1st

Since upgrade to version 3 I cannot use passbolt on more than one browser with the same user.

After i do the password recovery in chrome on a second computer it prompts me to register again on the 1st.

Chrome Extension: 3.1.0
Passbolt Version: 3.1.0
Installed on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with PHP 7.4

Ok I tried it again in chrome on the same computers and this time it worked. I managed to get connected on all of them. This time I logged out of each one before adding the next. Maybe that did it, or maybe it just needed to be added twice?

@Mdocken this is strange, normally it should not prompt you to register twice on the machine. Maybe there was an issue, like the browser / extension crashed and needed to be restarted. Hard to tell without looking at browser extension error logs. Let us know if that happens again.