Password should have multiple link fields

Q1. What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
Some accounts, like Active directory accounts, are used on multiple websites. Your new browser plugin can fill the username and password is the website matches the link field. I woul dlike to have multiple link fields available for passwords.

Q2 - Who is impacted?

Q3 - Why is it important and/or urgent?
it would be helpful, it’s not super important, but I think a nice to have feature.

Q4 - What is your proposed solution? (optional)
Add a plus sign next to the link field, so people can add multiple lins if needed.

Q5. Community support
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Hi there,
because this feature is critical for us, I wanted to ask if there is a workaround or if it is solved in the Business edition of Passbolt.

Thanks in advance for any feedback,

Hi @arne.seemann and welcome to passbolt community forum.

If the services URL you are using in your company are all formated like this:

Even if they are served with http or https, one passbolt resource with as URI will match all of your services and you will be able to fill passwords.

But if you access services with their IP address, or by server-name without the same basename, you have to create multiple passbolt entries.

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I believe it would require separate http https paswords (unless the code has changed recently), but it will catch subdomains. See Wildcard Function: how to match any subdomain url for a given resource? - #8 by garrett

I agree - this functionality is also very important for us. For example Oracle Weblogic server has 3 consoles : main console/osb console/oem console. All of them connects to the same weblogic but gives different functionality . it would be nonsense to create 3 times the same password only because of different url. Maybe field “URI” could accept more links splitted by semicolon/comma ?

We also need this functionality. We would like to prevent ending up with multiple copies of the same credential. If one changes, all of the copies need manual updating.

KeepassXC has password references that allow to change only some parts of the referenced credential and copy the rest.

However I believe even a simple comma separated solution would work well enough already.

It too is important for me

Simple example: my active directory credentials. I have them passbolt and need to use them on multiply services which do not support sso. In this specific case firewalls. Also there are sites that use multiply sites for login, for example cisco.

Which means I and my colleages would have a great improvement in quality of live

For us this would also be a feature that we need and it will be a core deciding factor whether we go for Passbolt Pro or for a different solution. There are numerous professional services out there that have multiple URLs with a single login, e.g.:

And there are Services with Android/IOS apps, which also need multiple URLs (of course this list is endless, so just some very prominent examples here):