Passwords offline mode question


Can you tell me if there is a local password sync on my PC? If so, how long before a clear cache ? Can I change this timer?

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Hi @lcollin Welcome to the forum!

Your question is a bit hard to understand. Can you explain more?

Are you asking about a logout timer in your browser?

Or, how often does the extension sync with the server? (the answer to this is immediately upon login or any adding or changing of a password)


Thank you for your answer.
I will try to present you my problem differently:
We want to use passbolt to manage our common passwords on our local network. We don’t want to open the tool on the outside (WAN).
So, when we are on the move, we would like to know how long the data are kept in the browser extension, or on the mobile app without having to reconnect on our LAN.
If I go on vacation for 2 weeks, without my extensions being connected to my LAN, will the password filling functions still be available?

Hey @lcollin,

We do not have a offline mode, it is something that we are considering, but at the moment you need to download the secret (you encrypted version of the password) from the server to consume it. So a network connection to the server is mandatory.


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Hi @max ,

Deviating a bit from dedicated offline mode, is the Keepass sync from roadmap in any active discussion or completely on back burner?

We use Keepass and are trialing Passbolt to be our main password repository. Keepass would still be used for non-browser systems etc. Having sync between Passbolt and Keepass would give us the offline capability we need when in remote sites without active network connection.

Definitely on the roadmap, where we will most likely add the UUID to each resource in the KeePass file.

The issue arises when you have only read-only access and need to resync a KeePass file with updated resources.

In any case, TL;DR: Yes, it is on the roadmap because we know that most of our users are former or current KeePass users.

Stay tuned.

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This is also important to our team. This feature will allow us to move from bitwarden

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