[PB-28230] Kdbx import error Argon2 not implemented

Hi there,

I am currently evaluating passbolt as a trial period and cannot get KeePass files imported.
When using the import and selecting a *.kdbx file i get an error.

Error Message:
There was an unexpected error…
Error NotImplemented: Argon2 not implemented

passbolt trial license
installation based on the ova image

So far i tried to update my KeePass Instalaltion (from 2.44 to 2.47), Saving the *.kdbx with new version, same error.
Am I right that there is a specific package missing in the debian install? If so please tell me the needed install steps/packages.

Thank you in advance

Is this connected to the format of the kdbx file using Folders? I see that the sample kdbx file has none.

Found the Solution:
KeePass itself is offering different Key transformation settings.

In KeePass go to:
File → Database Settings
Security Tab
Key Transformation Section
Key derivation function: Argon2d

Change the Setting and save the database. Import works just fine.

Please Close

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Hello @CNNS,

Thank you for the report.
We are well aware that argon2 is not yet supported. This item our on roadmap and we’ll keep the community posted when it is released.