[PB-33840] Issues with password tag

Now sure how to describe this, but the passbolt icon thingy that appears at the end of the username and password fields that’s what I am referring to as the tag.

When I log into sites or devices after clicking on the tag/icon to enter my username, one of three things happens:

  1. On the password field it works normally.
  2. On the password field I see the tag/icon but when I click on the options appear in my browser window upper left corner, and either the password populates or I have to manually copy and paste the password in.
  3. I should include the username field in this, but the last thing that could happen is the tag/icon doesn’t appear in the username/password field but somewhere outside of it on the screen.

I am using Microsoft Edge. We only use Edge in the office and are running the latest version.

Oh, I am also running the May 17th update.


Hello @3GLighting,

Could you give more details about this issue, on which websites do these issues occur ?