Performance issue on large password database v2.2.0

This is a continuation of Fix performance issue on large password database (2k / 4k passwords)

Passbolt version: 2.2.1
Client hardware: i5 7360U 16GB mem 1GBit connection to server
Client software: 68.0.3440.106 & Firefox 61.0.2 (64-bits)
Server hardware: 2 xeon processing cores 4GB mem (620MB in use)
Server response info:
2187 passwords
1.751 milliseconds
4,4MB response (4.428.100 bytes) from
GET /resources.json?contain%5Bcreator%5D=1&contain%5Bfavorite%5D=1&contain%5Bmodifier%5D=1&contain%5Bsecret%5D=1&contain%5Bpermission%5D=1&contain%5Btag%5D=1&order%5B%5D=Resource.modified+DESC&silentLoading=false&api-version=v2

When looking at the waterfall we can see it starting to request the main json file at 1,86s and finish 3,44.(which is 4 times as long as it used to take in 1.6.1) It then spends a long time parsing, showing the results after 15,09 seconds.

Hello @eddie4,

Thank you for the detailed report.

The first step of the fix was to make the js client able to treat a large amount of data without freezing the browser. What I guess you are not encountering anymore.

The very next step is to reduce the size of the requests by removing unnecessary data from the API responses, and so light up the treatment browser side.

This development is already scheduled (for the CE) along with another pro feature “audit log” and should be released in September.


So how is this coming along your speaking of a September release we are now in October.

@eddie4 this was indeed delayed. Next release coming up in a few days will have MFA and bulk actions. We have a lot of features to ship and a lot of non-engineering tasks to complete, so bear with us with the timeline estimates.

I just upgraded to 2.4.1 loadtime is currently 13.11 seconds.

Hello @eddie4,

We just release the v2.7.0 which addresses performance issues on large database.
See the release notes for more information.