Ports 80 & 443 is being used for a different application


I followed passbolt’s the installation guide and installed it on docker which is running on Ubuntu VM. Everything went well except I can’t load the link and it is timing out.
I did not use ports 80 & 443 for traefik because I am using those two ports for a different application. I have seen some posts on community forum about binding ports 80 & 443 to other ports and I tried that (8080:8080, 4343:4343) but it still wont load the page.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @hitchhiker139 and welcome to the forum !

I suppose you had to change the default docker file Passbolt provides in order to change the port. Is it possible for you to share the file you use to run your containers please?

It’s hard to be sure, but like that, I suspect that you should change the docker port redirection with 8080:80 and 4343:443. Also, you will need to set your APP_FULL_BASE_URL value to specify the port as well.

Thank you for the feedback Steph. I am going to share the yaml file later today. Follow up question, do i need to set up reverse proxy on traefik admin portal if i am using traefik?

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