Private tags broken in 2.5.0

Hi all.
Passbolt version 2.5.0, running in docker.

I see that private tags broken, because I can share resource with personal tag to user.

As you can see on the screenshot 1 - password location is root and tag is personal (do not starts from #, so I shouldn’t be able to grant access to this resource). But I shared it and user can see this resource.

The same situation with shared folder. Steps to reprosuce:

  1. Create some folder.
  2. May be create a child folder, it does not matter.
  3. Share this folder to some users.
  4. Create passwords in this folder. So, now all users from step 3 can see all passwords in this folder.
  5. Create password with personal tag in this folder.
  6. Users from step 3 CAN see this password, but they must NOT see it.

On screen 2 you can see access rights inherited from parent folder and shared resource with personal tag.

Hello @kosar-ukd,

This is not how personal tag works. Tag is just label that you can put on a resource, it doesn’t affect permissions. You can have personal tag (that only you will see), or shared tag (that other people will see).

Sames goes with folder, what you describe of what you expect is not how it works. Folder is a template of permissions that is applied to resources that are created or moved inside that folder. If you add permissions to the folder, permissions will be applied to the items inside the folder.

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Oh, I understand.
Previously, there were no folders and we used tags. If we consider tags as a label that determines the availability of a resource, then we get a wrong imagination about tags work (this is exactly what happened). Thank you very much for the reply.

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