Problem with ssl certificate, not working

I’m having a problem with my docker installation Create the certificates and sign them with your own CA, but when you configure it in the docker-compose file and restart the docker service, the new certificates do not appear and the default certificate appears.
Attached screenshots of the settings and how it appears in the web browser.

Hello @FacuBasgall, welcome to our community :wink:

Thanks for providing a clear context on what is happening, it looks like you are having a fullBaseUrl issues, can you confirm that the APP_FULL_BASE_URL environment variable is correctly set to and not 10.41.XXXXX ?

Hi @antony, thanks for you reply.
Yes, the variable APP_FULL_BASE_URL is
I’m not a docker expert, maybe the error is there.

I am guessing you at first had the APP_FULL_BASE_URL set to the IP address, correct?

After you changed it did you restart the containers at all? Like by running docker compose down followed by a docker compose up -d