Problems after installation

Installed passbolt on AlmaLinux. Everything went perfectly.
Set up. Everything is working. When I went into the smtp options, an error got out. Number-1 on screen
Then I went into my user options and copied private and publick key.

Decided to log out and log back in. When I went out and updated the passbolt server, it showed the mail input window only after 40 seconds, although the server is constantly available with pings of 1 second.
Then I entered my user email. Got a letter. And after a minute of waiting, the password reset menu came up. (Why wait so long?)
Then I enter what is required but writes an error. Number-2
And to be honest, I’m confused. Ntp works correctly. The server is available. The company’s SSL certificates work.

Hello @Maxim, welcome to our community :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for ensuring that NTP is working as expected, gpg issues are often related to NTP.

Since AlmaLinux is a SELinux based distribution, it could be related. Could you try to run:

 setsebool -P httpd_use_gpg=on
 setsebool -P gpg_web_anon_write=on
 semanage permissive -a gpg_web_t

If that doesn’t fixes the issues, could you tell me how did you create the key and run

sudo su -s /bin/bash/ -c "/usr/share/php/passbolt/bin/status-report" nginx
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Thank you very much. Everything worked.
I understand that when authenticating a person, you always need a private key, my personal password, and you also need to enter protection from fishing?
Or is the protection against phishing not checked there, but set again?
And the last question, can I change my personal password?

Happy to hear that.

You are correct, when authenticating you will need the private key, the password and you will be asked to set up the anti-phishing code, that is not a check but a re-configuration of the code.

To change your passphrase, you’d likely want to take a look at this guide, however take in consideration that the passphrase is never sent to the server, changing it will only change it locally. If you have multiple browsers you’ll need to change them individually.

Hope it helps :wink:

I am a company admin. Created a structure (folders, passwords). I want to transfer the structure to another admin and quit, for example. Can I make the new user the “owner” of the structure and then delete my account? After deleting my account, the whole structure will not disappear for the new admin?

Well, if you shared the full structure with someone else as the owner permission and then delete your account, the rights and the structure will remain for the new owner. However, if you are deleting the account that is sole owner of any shared resources, it will ask to promote a new owner from someone that already has access to it, then it will delete the account.