Recap of The CakeFest Satellite Event! 🍰 See what you missed last month!

Hey community!

If you weren’t able to make it to the PHP Tech event, don’t worry! Here’s a recap:.

The Luxembourg CakeFest Satellite event kicked off with an opening ceremony where @kevin welcomed everyone and set the stage for a day full of engaging talks.

Open Source Threat Intelligence using MISP - Andras Ikoldy, Project Core Lead Developer, MISP

Andras Iklody, then introduced attendees to MIPS, an open source threat intelligence tool built on CakePHP. You can watch the video to get valuable insights into improving your organisations security using MISP, including how to detect and mitigate potential threats. Check out the presentation here.

Service Injection talk - Juan Pablo Ramirez, Back-end Developer, Passbolt

Afterwards, Juan Pablo Ramirez gave a talk about service injection. Juan explained how the Dependency Injection Container (which was introduced with the version 4.2 of CakePHP) revolutionises passbolt’s development methods. He showed how it enables client-specific implementations that are not only fast to unit test, but also easy to maintain. View Juan’s full talk on YouTube.

Secure Authentication with Passkeys - Remy Bertot, Chief Technical Officer, Passbolt

Remy started his presentation by thanking the CakePHP community for their support and for providing a platform to host a PHP event in Luxembourg. He then delved into the much-discussed alternative to traditional passwords – passkeys. His presentation offers valuable insights into the benefits and what the future holds for passkeys. See his presentation on the passbolt YouTube channel.

Using your IDE Effectively for CakePHP - Mark Scherer, PHP Software Architect and Tool Expert, Spryker Systems GmbH

After Remy’s presentation, Mark took the stage to share the best practices on how to effectively use IDEs for CakePHP development. He highlighted how to use plug-ins and annotations to improve your IDE use simply. It’s all recorded, watch the presentation.

Talks streaming from LA

The event also featured the live-stream talks from LA by Stefan Koopmanschap and Alejandro Ibarra streaming from LA which provided valuable insight into the modern software developments in CakePHP. You can see both of these talks and more on the CakePHP YouTube channel.

The CakePHP Satellite event was fantastic. It provided people in the EU and Luxembourg with an opportunity to learn more about PHP and to connect, learn, and network. Hope attendees found the experience enriching and that this recap is helpful!

Thanks for checking it out.